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FEATURED TOPICS of 2017 & 2018




The Fellows discussed EOL priorities and established teams to focus on several project assignments. Each team included a member from one of the three sponsoring organizations to represent diverse viewpoints and encourage consensus building as well as an SHU Faculty facilitator.

Below are the project assignments targeting EOL quality of care barriers, resulting in viable solutions acceptable to each of the professionals that were representing practicing physicians and executives from hospitals and health plans (some of which are currently being piloted within companies and hospital facilities in NJ):

Click image to download Class of 2017's Proceedings Document.

​Class of 2017 Projects

  • Project 1: Describe evidence based/best practice informed strategies to enhance the capacity of primary care providers to integrate palliative care into their practices.

  • Project 2: Design a plan to enhance the effective implementation and sustainability of a telehealth program for palliative care.

  • Project 3: Develop novel policies and incentives for early conversations about (and referrals to) palliative care by physicians.

  • Project 4: Design a system of best practices to routinely assess admitted patients for end of life care planning.

  • Project 5: Identify opportunities to develop Palliative Care fellowships in New Jersey teaching hospitals.

  • Project 6: Design a plan to integrate the best practices of palliative care in the ER.

  • Project 7: Improving access to homecare.

Class of 2018 Projects

  • EDUCATION: Expand end of life planning in communities​

  • ADVOCACY: Reimbursement regarding Palliative Care/EOL​

  • ADVOCACY: Implement routine ER screening for EOL/Palliative care issues; draft screening tool from Cohort I​

  • CARE PRACTICES: Improve information exchange at point of transitions between hospitals, assisted living and LTC​

Click image to download Class of 2018's Proceedings Document.


Marc J. Levine, M.D.

Trenton Orthopedic Group

Vice President  

MSNJ Board of Trustees 

 I am proud to have been part of the NJHELA Class of 2017. I believe that this group of individuals from different areas of healthcare delivery has shown that the ability to work together to positively effect medical care to New Jersey residents. I look forward to further involvement with this greatly needed and worthy organization. 

Special Thanks

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